Flexio Incorporated

Who We Are

Flexio Incorporated (Flexio, Inc.) is a non-profit organization (NPO) founded and handled by @K4YT3X that oversees a series of projects. Currently, our projects range from networking to security.

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Our Projects

Defense Matrix

Defense Matrix is a light-weight program that will help you setup your first line of defense on your Linux servers.



  • TCP/UDP/ICMP firewall
  • ARP firewall

tiger & rkhunter

  • Rootkit Detection
  • Configuration sanity check


  • Password complexity check


  • Attack analysis and visualization

These basic security features will defend your server(s) against most tech based attacks.
We configure these things automatically for you.


In short, SCUTUM configures your personal computer automatically against malicious TCP/UDP traffic and ARP spoofing attacks. This software uses UFW to setup conventional firewall for you, determines and locks the gateway MAC address so you won’t get ARP-spoofed.


In addition to protecting you from attacks, it can also make you invisible on LAN.


THE REALM project is a networking project comprised of several VPN and proxy technologies.

Here’s a list of all the VPNs and proxies that we support:

  • AnyConnect (OpenConnect)
  • Shadowsocks
  • V2ray (VMESS)
  • Trojan
  • Wireguard

Flexio Pi

The Flexio Pi project is one of our projects that makes VPN, RADIUS authentication and more functions easy to set up for ordinary computer users. This project is aimed to provide a secure, convenient and cost-efficient networking solution for normal Internet users. Please move to the introduction page for more information.